Professional AV Consulting for Companies in the UK

What is AV Consulting?

AV consulting is the first step of any AV project and the first part of ITSLs’ AV service. The goal of AV consulting is to familiarize you with the specifics of AV technology and to better understand your needs and goals.

In this step our clients learn about us and we learn about the project we’ll undertake. The most important goal of AV consulting is to establish communication channels between the customer and our team. 

A good AV Consultant knows how to predict issues in the project and figure out ways to avoid them or minimize their effect on the budget of the project. 

Such issues may include anything from logistic issues, problems with the construction of the project, dependency on other contractors or budget changes.

By following standard project management procedures and relying on their vast experience our engineers are able to predict project blocks and resolve them.

Our highly experienced consultants have over 20 years of experience. They’ve been through hundreds of projects and have successfully fulfilled our customers’ desires. 

At the end of the consulting phase you can be sure that our consultants will have introduced a solution that is perfect for your organization. They will answer your questions and take care of any concerns you may have. 

Trust between our team and our clients is why we’ve been in the business of AV for so long. We owe this to the fact that we keep our clients in the loop about everything that is going on with their products.


How does AV Consulting look in practice?

There are several things that we look for when consulting a client on an AV project

What problems are our clients looking to solve with AV technology?

At ITSL we don’t want to simply install the latest and most expensive piece of equipment in your office or building.
We wan’t to help you solve a problem with the help of AV. Understanding the issues of our clients and focusing on crafting solutions that fix those problems is the main goal of our team and our projects.

What are some challenges that AV consulting runs

Most AV projects are installed during the construction phase or in an already fully built building.
We have to take into account some of the architectural specifications of the building and the physical requirements of the project.

Does proper AV Consulting resolve the problem of unexpected fees?

Yes, our experts will make sure that the original budget that we set for a project is the price you will pay at the end.
Through our many years of experience we’ve encountered numerous unexpected problems and we’ve refined our management process so that a project doesn’t go over budget.


Case Studies

Bionic entrusts a Microsoft Teams Room installation to ITSL