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How are ITSL’s projects different from every other AV provider?

A big difference between ITSL and other AV providers is the hands-on approach and the flexibility that we provide to our customers.

Our projects are characterised by the ability to provide the scale and quality of large corporate AV integrators but still retain the easy communication and flexibility of smaller AV providers. 

Just like a small company every client has their dedicated project manager. This ensures that our clients always have a person who is very well acquainted with the client’s project. Clients can rely on their dedicated account managers to support and inform them whenever needed.

Another signature approach of ITSL’s projects is our vendor neutrality. Oftentimes when working with large corporate AV integrators, the clients will be limited in their choice of software and hardware providers due to exclusivity contracts that the AV providers have. 

While ITSL will always advise you when choosing an audio visual technology brand, we respect the right of our customer to have a choice. 

Matching big AV providers is in the principles and techniques we use to ensure quality. We follow Prince2 principles our business is ISO 9001 certified. These certifications and principles are usually utilised by large companies to ensure quality and speed. 

ITSL - AV Projects partner and provider for the UK market

How does ITSL define an AV project?

An AV project can be any type of installation, consultation or maintenance work referring to an audio visual related technology.
The important thing to note is that ITSL does not define an AV project based on its scale or complexity but rather
by the individual steps that any AV job must go through to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.
This allows our team to be flexible and meet any requirements our customers may have while still retaining
the standards of quality that every customer should expect.

What are the stages of an AV Project undertaken by ITSL?


Each customer has a unique AV environment and different audio visual needs. We work with the client until their requirements are fully understood and we are in the position to design a great AV solution.


Our engineers will keep in mind the state of the building to make sure that no bottlenecks come up during the installation. We will also ensure that our AV solution fits in with the customer’s aesthetic requirements.


We supply global brand AV equipment and choose which is best for each specific requirement. Some of our favourites are Heckler, Barco, Konftel, Yealink, Logitech, LG, and NEC.


Installation is when everything starts coming together. Our qualified engineers will work on-site with you to ensure that everything is to spec. Programming is often done in advance as well as on-site.


We run extensive Quality Assurance so that everything will work as intended. We also ensure that all security standards are met.


After we have finalised the AV project and the equipment is ready to go live we will take care of training all of the staff that will operate it.


AV hardware runs best when it’s properly maintained. ITSL will provide scheduled maintenance for both AV hardware and software.


Even after the work has been completed clients can still rely on ITSL to take care of any problems on the equipment whenever the need arises.


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