AV Support & Maintenance Services for the UK Market

ITSL provides long-term support services for our AV projects

Every audio visual project is an investment for you or your business. Being able to use your AV equipment for as long as possible will provide you with the best return on investment. This is why ITSL also provides professional AV support services.

Your AV project is finished!

Where are we now?

Your brand new AV equipment has been installed. All the finishing touches have been completed. Software is up and running. Everything has been tested, commissioned and your employees have  been trained.

What comes next?

After an AV project has been completed by ITSL our clients can utilise our Support and Maintenance services. This is the final stage of every AV project that ITSL completes.


Why is AV support and maintenance so important?

The more you can use your AV hardware without having to replace it, the higher return on investment you will get out of it.
At ITSL we want to make sure that our clients get the best value for their money and this is why we focus on delivering ongoing audio visual maintenance and support.

What is included in ITSL’s AV support and maintenance service?

To help our clients with any issues they may have with their equipment, ITSL’s support services comprise of several different sub-services including:

Regular system health checks and audits

Over time small issues in your AV systems can grow into big problems that require complicated fixes or even swapping broken parts. Regular maintenance helps you locate and resolve issues on time.

Telephone and Online support

If you have noticed anything wrong with your AV hardware or software, don’t hesitate to call us and request assistance. We will send a crew of AV professionals ASAP.

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

Every piece of AV equipment has a lifespan. With our Preventive Maintenance we will perform scheduled visits to replace AV parts or equipment that are reaching the end of their lifetime.

Software Maintenance and Updates

Software updates are a great way for AV manufacturers to provide new features and important security updates to end users. Your AV software will be updated regularly.


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