Control System Design

We Re-Engineer Designs into Great Designs

Imagine having one highly interactive device to control all your technology and environment. It’s not a far-fetched sci-fi dream. Team ITSL has actively been turning this dream into reality for all kinds of organisations who understand the importance of high-end smart technology in the business world. ITSL Group specialises in design, integration, and maintenance for control systems and AV Management for corporate, educational, and communication sectors.

Our services cover all the processes including consultancy, integration, design, GUI and testing. We believe in smart and customised designs that can enhance functionality while offering convenience and cost benefit.

The Smart Meeting Room

The ITSL Smart Meeting Room is a fusion of technology and user experience design. Based on hundreds of hours of testing and development, the end result is an easy to understand layout, a simple menu system and a process of decisions made to enable any room user to use the room without any fuss.

The Smart Meeting Room is by far the most successful control system front end design and is a real driver of end user acceptance and adoption.

Engineered Integration for Smarter Solutions

Designed and implemented by some of the most brilliant engineers and programmers, our control systems have one major goal – to make your technology easier to use, control, and maintain.

We put all your controls in one device (iPad, Crestron or AMX device). So, you can expect no more remote controls on the table. Simple and easy customised GUI–control systems will overcome that problem.

A Comprehensive Client Centric Approach that Ensures Total satisfaction.

The design begins with onsite meetings and a detailed overview of the systems capability and the desired functionality required. We provide total system specifications, detailed drawings and accurate costs for the proposed system to demonstrate the benefits of the upgrade. Demonstrations and showcase site visits are available on request.

Once we have a design that fully fits the client’s specification as well as the existing AV and communication infrastructure, our engineers start creating the control systems using the most sophisticated and cutting edge technology and software. We guarantee designs that are not just effective but also efficient, helping you save time as well as get maximum value for money.

We have successfully designed and implemented control systems for:

  • Auditoriums
  • Classrooms and Training Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Board Rooms
  • Video Conference Rooms
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Immersive Environments

A Multitude of Features at the Tip of Your Fingers

Engineers at ITSL understand what end users desire in technology and couple this knowledge with a deep understanding of how AV technology works. We make your system control as easy as using a smart phone.

You can rely on our expertise to design a system based on complete understanding of your requirements and expectations. And to ensure that level of detail in every single solution we deploy, we have created a comprehensive process that helps us understand our clients’ needs and design a system that meets each one of those needs delivering maximum value and ease of use.

Our quality is defined by the simplicity and user-friendliness of our solutions. Whatever your needs are, we promise the simplest yet state of the art panel built for maximum control and convenience.

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