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What is an AV installation and what you should know about it?

When all of the planning consulting and designing has been completed its time for our engineers to put on some elbow grease and start work on installing your AV solution. The term AV installation is commonly used interchangeably with AV projects but for us an AV installation is just one of the entire processes of our AV service.

What does an AV installation look like?

No two AV installations are exactly the same. Every project and client has their own unique requirements and final goals.
The process of AV installation largely depends on 2 main factors.

1. What type of AV hardware will be installed?

One of the biggest determining factors for the AV installation process is the hardware that is going to be installed. 

Each technology has its own specific requirements that must be met during installation

For example the installation of Auditorium hardware requires a large focus on sound quality, clarity and an emphasis on providing the presenter with an easy way to control the event and the information that is being presented. 

For this kind of project our engineers will take into account the optimal placement of speakers, the type of display that will be used to present and the control hardware that will be used to run the event from behind the scenes. 

The main focus of this project will be to provide guests with the best possible experience. 

On the other hand if our team is installing an AV solution for video conferencing and remote communication for a client in the office industry we will take other factors into account. 

Such a project would focus on  the reliability and quality of video calls and the ease of use for users in the company. Security and longevity from the hardware and software are also big considerations when servicing our corporate or shared office clients.

2. The physical in which we are installing AV hardware

The next big factor that defines installation work is the physical space in which we will work. 

Depending on the AV project we may be tasked with installing hardware in a space that is still under construction so that it’s AV enabled from day one. 

Other times we may need to carefully work on older buildings that need to be modernized with AV technology but still preserve their look and then there are times when the entire AV project is focused in an outdoor environment. 

Whatever the challenges  are, our team will always take into consideration the specifics of the project and will make sure that any additional construction or civil work will be planned and accounted for before the installation process begins.


No matter the type of AV installation the end goal remains the same

Despite all the different factors that affect the installation process there is one thing that is specific to every AV installation job we’ve performed. The fully installed hardware will always provide our clients with the solution they need to make their work easier.
Whether it’s an outdoor AV advertising project or indoor AV conferencing solution the final product will always provide our clients with a return on their investment.

What are the stages of an AV Project undertaken by ITSL?


Here our aim is to meet our clients and talk about their needs and the final results they want to achieve. We wan’t to focus on the problem – solution side of a project. We focus on the specific problem within his organisation that needs to be addressed.


Our experts will design the solution for our clients and present it to them in a clear manner. Our engineers will keep in mind the state of the building/site to ensure that no blocks come up during the installation. We will also make sure that our AV solution fits in with their aesthetic requirements.


Once the design is approved ITSL will take care of contacting suppliers and ensure that every piece of hardware is ready for the project at the most cost-efficient price.


Installation is when everything starts coming together. Our qualified engineers will work on-site with you to ensure that everything is to spec.


We run extensive QA to ensure that everything works as intended. We will also ensure that all security standards are met so that no internal data will be leaked.


After we’ve finalised the AV project and the hardware is ready to go live we will take care of training all of the staff that will operate it.


AV hardware runs best when it’s properly maintained. ITSL will provide scheduled maintenance on both the hardware and the software.


Even after the work has been completed our clients can still rely on ITSL to take care of any problems on the equipment whenever the need arises.


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