System Integration

Take Complete Control from a simple mounted or wireless touch panel and command all of the equipment in your meeting room, video conference suite or auditorium

At ITSL, AV integration is not a generic term to describe how we unify all your controls in one easy to use interactive touch panel. We have diversified the term based on how we facilitate functionality and flexibility, according to your needs. We design and install world class control systems to make a high tech room accessible for all to use.

ITSL Group are professional partners with the world’s leading control manufacturers such as Crestron and AMX and take pride in providing integrated solutions to control your video, audio, heating and lighting. We aim to cater to your audiovisual needs through a detailed process of integration to complete solution, which includes consultancy, blueprints, comprehensive documentation, design, installation and staff training.

The ITSL team ensures a design that perfectly integrates into your working practice thus enhancing your capabilities. Our focus is providing you with the best user experience as well as seamless operation of the room technology.

A Leading UK AV Integrator

At ITSL, we are focused on providing businesses with solutions that help them fulfil their goals without wasting cash or ignoring ROI. We pride ourselves on offering industry specific system integration solutions. Our clientele falls under three major categories:

  • Corporate: Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we design, build and create smart panels that allow you to control your hi tech room and equipment through an easy touch interface. Our meeting rooms are user-friendly, without any hassle of remote controls, and liberate you from any AV and lighting problems by offering complete lighting, environment and blind control at your fingertips. Whether it’s about enabling a video conference or starting an audio presentation, we ensure clarity, readiness, and performance.
  • Retail: Easy to use technology is not just a staple for business. Retailers are leaders in technology adoption and require a top quality finish that only considered systems integration can deliver.
  • Education/Training: Our system integration services are also available for auditoriums and public speaking facilities used mainly for education or training purposes. Our state-of-the-art systems offer efficient booking systems, lighting controls and seamless interaction that ensures a smooth hassle free lecture or training session.

Competitive Edge through the Highest Level of Control and Automation

Regardless of the sector you are in, system integration is all about streamlining your technology interaction to boost ease of use and technology adoption and reduce support and total operating costs.

Team ITSL is dedicated to help you find that edge and keep it sharp.

From designing to installation and management, you can rely on our expertise to help you achieve the finest level of automation and control for your high tech audio and video solutions. Call us now and discuss your needs with our experts who will help you fulfil  your system integration needs.

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