Unified Communication & Collaboration

Unifying the highest quality audio, video, and voice solutions to provide uninterrupted, seamless conferencing.

Unified communications is the epitome of modern day solutions designed to help enterprises improve their efficiency through uninterrupted and seamless communication. We make it possible by integrating all available communication applications and devices into one interactive interface that is both easy to use and manage. One of the major advantages of our unified solution is that enables you to initiate a video conference through presence. It is the convenience and readiness of instant messaging packed with the advantage of video connections.

Unified communication is not just about accessibility and convenience.

UC isĀ also about reducing your overall operation costs and ultimately increasing profit. The ITSL team offers installation, integration, maintenance, and repair services to help you find the most appropriate UC solution that will reduce operating cost by enabling more efficient network transport and smart call routing.

Combine services to get the most out of your UC company

At ITSL, we understand that the term Unified Communication can be confusing for many clients. The truth is, the actual meaning of the term may vary depending on the actual requirement of the business. While a complete unified solution is what ideally combines all the possible communication devices and applications to provide one interactive and real-time communication interface, team ITSL conducts and in-depth analysis of your needs in order to customise the solution to best fit your requirements.

Incorporate the most sophisticated solution

For large corporations with intensive communication requirements, however, we are equipped with the expertise and technology to design, install, and incorporate the most sophisticated solution that encompasses all possible touch-points including:

  • Audio conference
  • Video Conference
  • Telepresence Videoconferencing
  • Unified voice
  • Mobile collaboration
  • Cloud Collaboration
  • Web Conference
  • Instant Messaging
  • Desktop sharing

Our unified communication solutions help you make the most out of cloud computing technology without sacrificing the security and integrity of information transmitted throughout the network.

Catch On the BOYD Buzz and Make Way for More Effective Presence Management

For any business that keeps an eye on modern trends and technological advancements, the terms like BOYD, Mobility, and Presence Management are more than just buzz words. These are the now essential components of a successful infrastructure. Unified Communication is one solution to enable and enhance mobility and presence management ultimately affecting the productivity and profitability of the organisation.

Helping Businesses Reduce Cost and Minimise Communication Related Problems

While major goal of unified communication is to provide a more flexible, efficient, and effective way to communicate, it innately includes a cost saving benefit as well. We have successfully helped a great number of clients adapt this intelligent communication solution in their organisation. Our solutions have helped them minimise time to market so they get a true first mover advantage.

Unified Communication also reduces the cost of travel by reducing the need for in-person meetings. You can count on our experts to help you find the most reliable and reasonable Unified Communication solution for your corporation. Call us now to make the smart investment that promises enhanced productivity, better performance, and a healthier bottom-line.

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