Auditorium AV & PA Installation

At ITSL, we fully understand the unique, demanding requirements for auditorium and Public Address facilities. We understand that these spaces require not just speakers or high definition video, but something even better. Something cohesive.

ITSL leverages knowledge gained working with a broad spectrum of clients and technologies to create auditoriums that truly work for all users. We actively cross pollinate technology and ideas from the board roomtraining room and from broadcast to incorporate the best into the auditorium which is in reality a hybrid of all these things.

All auditorium PA systems are individual in their precise needs but the goals are the same. The speaker or teacher needs to engage with the audience and have tools available to visualise and communicate ideas and concepts. The audience needs to be able to see and hear the teacher clearly, to assimilate the information and concepts, and be able to take this valuable information away with them.

Main technologies

Some of the main technologies included in our auditorium and PA audio visual solutions include:

  • Auditorium Projector Installation
  • Visualizers
  • Wireless Presentation
  • Voting Systems
  • Group collaboration tools
  • Screen annotation
  • Document cameras
  • Audio systems
  • Wireless microphones
  • Video Recording
  • Interactive systems

High-Quality Solutions You Can Count On

We offer a long list of services that can be customised for academic, corporate, or any other public address scenario. You can rely on our expertise to design and install the best possible solution for your needs.

Expert installation

Through expert installationimplementation and training we will help you make the most out of the technology you have invested in. Our team diligently ensures uninterrupted performance through round-the-clock support and comprehensive training to help you utilise the technology’s full potential.

Helping You Maintain the Highest Level of Performance and Control

As a team of engineers and technicians with years of experience, there is nothing we can’t do to help you establish an auditorium or turn the existing one into the most technologically advanced in town.

Even with cutting edge technology, the cornerstone of any solution is effective maintenance. ITSL are fanatical about service and offer a fully tailored range of support services to help you maintain the same performance and effectiveness you enjoyed on day one for years to come.

Complete services and solutions

Our complete services and solutions for auditorium and public address include:

System Integration: Brilliantly engineered solutions that are unified on one single touch panel and enable single button operation.

Installation: Expert installation of all audio visual equipment, considerate to the auditorium environment.

Programming: We enable convenient and customised touch panel displays through expert Crestron and AMX programming. We leverage all our smart meeting room knowledge.

Control System Design: Simplicity and usability through advanced control systems.

Digital Signage: We are able to supply every aspect required for a successful digital signage rollout including system design, installation, graphic design for screen layouts and maintenance services.

PA Systems: Loaded with high performance amplifiers, microphones, and speakers designed to take your voice across huge public spaces. These are solutions carefully designed and installed to fulfil the requirements of modern facilities.

Case Studies