Training Room & Classroom Audio Visual

ITSL is committed to helping the education sector by providing cost-effective yet advanced tech solutions to educators. In this sector quality is of utmost importance and cost is a significant factor. Understanding the unique requirements, specific quirks of the sector, we create solutions that offer maximum value.

Want a training room or classroom projector? ITSL can help.


Schools and education institutions impact and influence the future and therefore, deserve the best in technology. Today, the usage of high-end audio visual tools and solutions is quickly becoming a norm in education. These tools facilitate better learning and more interactive ways of communicating ideas and information. Not only do they provide a better atmosphere for learning, they also help in capturing the interest of the audience.

By replacing typical educational equipment (Whiteboards and paper handouts) with interactive video systems and voice reinforcement technologies, students can be engaged on both a visual and intellectual level.

Technology solutions

We help educational institutes and trainers improve their information delivery method through interactive video solutions and voice reinforcement technology. By combining a set of services and solutions, we enhance not only the way information is delivered, but also how it is received in the classroom.

Leading education into the future

ITSL deliver the best in class, best in value technology to education. We have a vast experience in classroom projection and assembly hall automation, bringing knowledge from the commercial space to education.

Partnering with the best equipment manufacturers in the industry, we promise services and solutions that are high tech and low cost.

Significant aspects of our  technology-rich learning solutions include:

  • Interactive Smart Boards and screens
  • Audio/Video systems
  • Projection systems
  • Assembly automation
  • Digital Signage

Case Studies