ITSL is a UK AV solutions provider offering full planning, installation and maintenance services for DOOH

Modernise and improve your offline advertising with AV solutions for DOOH

What is Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and how does it work?

Since DOOH is a relatively new term in the advertising industry, let’s start by talking about it a little.
DOOH refers to any type of offline outdoor advertising that enables advertisers some of the flexibility and capabilities of modern digital advertising.
DOOH is a direct advancement from OOH (Out of Home Advertising). Also known as Outdoor Media OOH is any ad that aims to advertise to consumers who are outside. OOH media is usually displayed in public areas, commercial locations, parks, public transportation and a lot more.

ITSL can help you set up the equipment for DOOH

For traditional outdoor advertising you would probably need a printing company to set up your outdoor ad but for DOOH you need to go a bit more digital.
The capabilities of DOOH are enabled by the latest technologies such as Digital Signage and Large LED displays. As an AV provider, ITSL has more than 20 years of experience in the Outdoor LED display technology. We understand the specifics of outdoor display technology and we are familiar with the capabilities of high end commercial displays.
With our service you can be sure that you will get a display solution that shows your ad content in a way that is clear and visible to the general public.

A complete AV solution for Digital Out Of Home Advertising

Just like traditional advertising, DOOH requires constant disruption and creativity to draw the attention of passers-by and be remembered.
This is why ITSL offers AV solutions that take care of every aspect of a DOOH project. From the hardware and the displayed content which is the most important part of this type of advertising to the time consuming aspects such as planning applications and civil works.
From start to finish, our experts will make sure that you get the best solution for your budget that will allow your outdoor ads to drive better engagement and have a better ROI than traditional posters and billboards.


Why should you choose ITSL Group as your AV Solutions provider?

For the past 20 years, ITSL has been providing AV solutions to commercial entities, local government, and education.
We are not simply AV experts in one area, we are experts in audio visual for the entire DOOH sector.
During all of those years, we’ve worked with more than 700 clients on more than 1500 successful projects.

How will ITSL work with you?

We at ITSL believe in simple, time-tested and robust working principles. The way we work with clients is simple and straightforward. Our projects are divided into 8 main stages.


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