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AV solutions that modernise education facilities across the UK

Increase the engagement of your students by implementing new ways of presenting information

For a long time classrooms in educational facilities have remained largely unchanged.
Unreliable and costly short throw projectors and interactive whiteboards that are limited in terms of useability and software.
ITSL offers a variety of AV solutions for education such as interactive displays and large format projection systems (in halls for example) that can enable new ways of learning.
These technologies allow teachers to be more flexible in the way they present topics and run their classes. For students, it is easier to engage in the learning process and to absorb the information available to them.

Implement accessibility features with the help of AV technology

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed a big problem with classrooms. A lot of educational facilities were unprepared to meet the demands of remote education.
To solve this problem educational institutions can implement AV solutions that enable Video conferencing and Remote learning. With our solutions, both teachers and students will have an easier, more productive time during remote learning sessions.

Improve the quality of the events in your school

ITSL has been working in the commercial industry for a long time. During this time we’ve acquired a lot of experience in AV technology related to large halls, auditoriums, and event hosting.
Your educational facility can take advantage of technologies like PA-style audio for assembly halls, tannoy systems, and simple room technology control. This will directly improve the quality of your events and the overall experience that attendees get.

ITSL Group - AV Solutions for Education

How will ITSL work with you?

We at ITSL believe in simple, time-tested and robust working principles. The way we work with clients is simple and straightforward. Our projects are divided into 8 main stages.

Some of our successful AV solutions for education include:

ITSL Group were engaged prior to the the refurbishment of Royal West Academy’s lower levels. We supported the conversion of one of the existing galleries into a multipurpose space enabled for meetings, conferences and an additional gallery.


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