ITSL provides AV solutions for retail stores across the UK

Improve the shopping experience and drive in-store engagement up with Retail AV

Bring a digital experience to brick and mortar stores

With the help of AV retail solutions any store can utilize the full capabilities of digital advertising right in their establishments.
ITSL offers a wide range of AV solutions. Whether it’s a video wall and led displays that take advantage of bright sharp colors or Digital Signage that displays digital advertising unmatched by any billboard.
To further enhance the look and feel from our Display solutions we also outfit retail stores with advanced Background music systems that enhance the visual experience with sound.

Increase in-store engagement and drive the customer experience up

Retail stores now occupy a different position in the buying journey. A large percentage of customers begin their shopping journey with research and price comparison.
This is why there is a need for your retail store to have unified branding and promotion across digital platforms and in-store.
The retail AV solutions that ITSL provides ensure that your in-store branding and advertising look and feel can stay consistent. With the help of digital display technology and content the look of your retail establishment becomes flexible and modern.
All of this will help your brand drive physical store engagement with the consumers and result in a better shopping experience.

Why should you choose ITSL Group as your AV Solutions provider?

For the last 20 years, ITSL has been providing AV solutions to commercial entities, local government, and education.
We aren’t simply AV experts, we are experts in Audio-Visual for the entire sector.
During all of those years, we’ve worked with more than 700 clients on more than 1500 successful projects.

How will ITSL work with you?

We at ITSL believe in simple, time-tested and robust working principles. The way we work with clients is simple and straightforward. Our projects are divided into 4 main stages.


This is the initial stage of every AV project. Here our aim is to meet our clients and talk about their needs and the final results they want to achieve.


During this stage, our experts will design the solution for our clients and present it to them in a clear and easy to understand manner.


Once the design is approved ITSL will take care of contacting suppliers and ensure that every piece of hardware is ready for the project at the most cost efficient price.


Installation is when everything starts coming together. Our qualified engineers will work on-site with you to ensure that everything is to spec.


Before the launch of an AV solution, we run extensive QA to ensure that everything works as intended.


After we’ve finalised the AV project and the hardware is ready to go live we will take care of training all of the staff that will operate it.


AV hardware runs best when it’s properly maintained. ITSL will provide scheduled maintenance on both the hardware and the software.


Even after the work has been completed our clients can still rely on ITSL to take care of any problems on the equipment whenever the need arises.


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