Understand the technology behind the massive screens
at convention centers and video billboards.

АV LED and Video Walls

What are AV LED Walls and Video Walls?

LED walls or Video walls are both massive screens used in indoor advertising or as digital billboards for outside advertising.
When we say Video Wall we most commonly refer to a screen that is a lot bigger than your average consumer TV
or monitor and unlike consumer screens a Video Wall may be composed of many smaller screens.
These screens differ from consumer screens in a few more ways which we’ll go over.

What’s the difference between a
commercial video wall and consumer screen?

The brightness

A normal consumer screen is way less brighter than a Video Wall. Since commercial screens often have to be viewed in broad daylight, which means that the brightness levels have to be way higher. LED walls are able to achieve that by having backlights that are way more powerful than what you’ll find in your home TV or desktop monitor.

Lower power

While a normal consumer screen may only be turned on for a couple of hours a day a commercial LED Wall may need to run for eight, twelve or even 24 hours a day. When you have a vide wall made up of fifteen 50 inch screens the cost of electricity can quickly add up. This is why Video Walls are optimised to draw as little power as possible.


Pixel pitch is a technical term that measures the space from the center of the LED to each individual pixel. A higher pixel pitch will lead to a higher quality of the image. In normal consumer screens more is better however a higher pixel pitch also means a higher price and power draw.What needs to be considered is the viewing distance.

Durability, maintenance and service ability

With consumer screens, if something breaks, whether it’s the backlight, led panel, or the main circuit board, it’s probably time for a replacement.Commercial grade LED and Video Walls have a much more modular design allowing for quicker servicing. As a whole AV Video Walls are a lot more durable than normal consumer screens.


Where are LED walls and Video Walls used?

LED and Video Walls are just one component of the entire AV setup that is used.
They can be implemented in a wide variety of industries and they can serve a lot of purposes.
With most Audio Visual solutions the LED screen is one of the most commonly used hardware pieces.


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