See how you can reduce the noise in your office while keeping a stylish look

Acoustic Treatment

What can you do to reduce noise and improve
the acoustics of your office or meeting room?

When it comes to sound dampening office solutions, the first thing that most companies think of is the installation of acoustic panels similar to those used in recording studios. 

That’s an option but acoustic panels can really take away from the interior feel of your office. Acoustic panels made from foam are usually black and thick and when you install them your meeting room starts looking like a recording studio. 

Another option you have is to have soundproof materials installed in the forms of blinds, curtains or anything that the material allows. 

For this you will need soundproof fabric that can easily be manipulated in any shape and size you require. 

Do soundproofing fabrics reduce

No. This is a common misconception. Sound absorbing materials will reduce sound. Sound dampening materials simply prevent echoing and prevent reverb from the sound bouncing of different surfaces. 

The human ear can perceive this as a quieter sound but it’s just cleaner. 

Sound dampening is essential when recording speech. Reduced echo and reverb make sound more pleasant and easily distinguishable so there isn’t a need for a high volume.

Why do I need sound dampening office solutions?

Even the best microphone on the market can do little when put in an environment where sound is echoing and reverbing freely. 

By improving the acoustic capabilities of your space you are feeding a higher quality sound signal to your microphones. 

You can even get away with a lower cost microphone setup if the room in which you are placing them is mostly echo and reverb free.


How can sound dampening materials be installed?

This is where the true advantage of sound dampening fabrics shines. 

Unlike Traditional acoustic panels, sound dampening fabrics can be made to any customer size or format. 

Colour and print are also customisable. So you can customise them to exactly match the colourways and feel of your office. 

This way you can have a room with great acoustics and a stunning design. 

Some companies even offer art panels made from sound dampening materials if you want a fully artistic sound solution.


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