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Auditorium and PA systems

What is an Auditorium and PA system?

An auditorium and PA system is a selection of hardware that allows speech and sound to be amplified beyond the levels of sound a human can naturally produce.

In its most simple form a PA system will include a microphone, power amp, mixer and speakers. 

The microphone is used to detect the sound; this sound is then passed through the mixer to stabilize and improve the quality. The mixer will then send the sound signal to the amp which amplifies the signal that the speakers will play. 

Depending on the use case for the Auditorium and PA system the number of speakers and microphones will vary, also there could be additional devices that ensure that audio is being transmitted and processed properly. 

For example a live musical event featuring acoustic instruments will feature different speakers for the vocals (to produce mainly high tonnes) and dedicated subwoofers (to produce lower tonnes)

Most modern live events will also combine the PA system with some form of Video Wall or AV screen to provide a visual experience to the event. 


Where are Auditorium and PA systems used?

In Auditoriums

PA systems are widely used in Auditoriums. Whether it’s to hold enterprise presentations, or educational classes they all allow the speakers to reach the audience.

In Live Musical Events

Live Music events will always feature some form of a PA system. Depending on the type of instruments the complexity of the PA systems differs.

At Public Venues

Bars, Clubs, Gyms, Shopping Centres all utilise such systems to be able to inform or alert their guests with information.


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