Centralised and easy to use control systems allow
for hassle free control of complicated AV systems

AV Control Systems And Control Panels

What is an AV Control System?

An AV Control System is the centralised hardware or software that can be used to control all of the connected AV hardware and adjust its settings. The main benefit of AV control systems is that it provides a centralised interface for control and adjustment of many hardware pieces that can sometimes be difficult to reach or simply inefficient to go in and adjust each one at a time.

How does an AV Control System work?

AV Control Panels in their most simple form are a tool to replace the many remotes required to control each piece of AV technology.

Older AV control panels used to be connected to different hardware – speakers, projectors, microphones, screens via physical connections. They featured physical buttons and dials that could adjust certain hardware. Since these solutions were often big, clumsy and offered zero scalability they were replaced with more modern variants. 

Today’s Control Panels are usually in the form of portable tablets, wall panels that connect to hardware using a network connection or over Wi-fi. 

The biggest advantage to digital control panels is that they can be programmed according to the specific AV setup that they need to control. 

Should more devices be added or removed the control panel can be adjusted with more options and more devices. 

Since digital control panels use a graphical user interface it’s also easier for users to quickly learn how to utilise them. Most control panel interfaces are designed to resemble applications that we use in our day-to-day life. This softens the learning curve for personeel that use it. 


Where are AV Control Systems used?

You can have an AV control system everywhere where you need
different AV hardware to function simultaneously

Office Spaces

AV control systems are used to help employees quickly setup and connect to internal meetings. They can also quickly adjust sound levels, microphone levels, video and even adjust lights and pull blinds automatically. A control system for logging and managing the usage of meeting rooms can also be utilised to maximise efficiency.

Medical Theaters

AV control systems can be used to adjust individual lights as well as their color and intensity. This is vital for smooth work during operations where surgeons can’t be distracted. Video and voice recording and streaming can also be adjusted when operations are being monitored by students or advisors.

Musical Events

During live musical events AV engineers control all of the equipment and can make adjustments on the fly to ensure that guests are getting the best experience possible. Since most big live events are outside the weather conditions – wind speed/direction, rain can affect the quality of the sound or cause equipment failure engineers have to able to react on the fly.

Monitoring Security

A very advanced version of AV control systems is the control systems used for monitoring security. Because of the complexity of these control systems, entire rooms are used solely for the purpose of controlling and monitoring all cameras and security systems.


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