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Display Screens

What is a Display Screen?

Display Screens is an umbrella term that covers any type of AV tech that is used to display visual media.
Many technologies fall under this category, namely:

LED Screens

The standard type of screens used in the audio visual industry. Almost every AV project includes some kind of LED screen or a collection of multiple LED screens in a certain formation.

Digital Billboards

An integral part of the now emerging DOOH industry. Digital Billboards are massive, bright and allow for outdoor advertising agencies to really push the boundaries with their content.

Projection Screens

Projection screens work in tandem with projectors to allow for a flexible solution when installing Video Wall is impossible. They are versato;e since they don’t need power and input.

LCD Screens

LCD displays are a specific type of LED display. Commonly used in the office space since they have great image quality and better color reproduction that makes reading text and numbers easier.

Digital Signage

Most often used in the digital advertising industry and in the retail industry. If you’ve been to the mall and saw an advertisement on screen or a digital billboard at a busy street it’s probably digital signage.

Touch Panels

Most commonly used in info boards and self service kiosks, touch panels allow for users to interact with the digital media. This way some of the pressure can be taken away from the staff.

According to the use case the best type of Display Screen
will be selected by your AV provider


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