Building a Consistent VC Experience From Scratch for Carbon Clean

Carbon Clean, headquartered in London with offices globally, is a leader in carbon capture solutions for hard-to-abate industries, capturing 2.3 million metric tonnes of COto date. The company’s patented modular technology significantly reduces the cost of carbon capture when compared to conventional solutions, having amassed 100+ active patent assets to date across 18 patent families covering 30 countries. With technology references in 49 sites around the world, Carbon Clean has one of the largest project portfolios of any independent carbon capture business.


Carbon Clean was looking to transition from a smaller office to a significantly larger space in London, necessitating a comprehensive Video Conferencing (VC) tech upgrade to match the new environment’s scale and potential. David Biglin, Head of IT and Digital Transformation at Carbon Clean, expressed the initial brief succinctly: “make it the best.” The main challenge was designing an office with no pre-existing layout, requiring several revisions to align the physical space with the optimal AV infrastructure. As Biglin notes, “The building was an empty shell, basically. And then, as we went through, we did change how the space was going to look and how it was going to be used.” ITSL Group was part of this initial iterative AV design process and also in charge of delivering the project end-to-end.
ITSL Group covered 15 different meeting and collaboration spaces including small huddle pods, standard meeting rooms, larger rooms that are joined, and an open town hall space. Using a mix of Yealink, Shure, Aver, Sennheiser, Vizrt and QSC products, we designed and installed a cohesive AV solution to suit the varying room sizes and functions.


The equipment deployed includes:
● Yealink: Their MVC and interactive meeting board solutions, A20 and A30 Video Bars are used for video conferencing, Room Booking Panels for space management, and wireless sharing devices (RoomCast, WPP30) for content sharing.
● Shure: We used their table microphones (MXA 310s) and ceiling microphone arrays to enhance the audio in the large meeting and town hall spaces.
● Aver cameras are integrated with Yealink for improved video quality.
● Sennheiser wireless microphones are in use in medium to large spaces, providing clear and flexible audio.
● QSC speakers and their Q-Sys platform for professional AV control.
● NDI Technology: We enabled advanced video streaming in the town hall space, featuring a large 98-inch screen and AV-over-IP cameras. This includes Vizrt/NewTek transmitters and receivers.
● Digital Signage Solutions: Enhancing brand and communication in reception areas.

Project Benefits

The project supported several key benefits for Carbon Clean:

  1. Consistency Across Spaces: Uniform AV technology stack ensures a seamless meeting experience in every space.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: The integration of touch panels and advanced AV solutions promotes a more interactive experience and productive meetings.
  3. Scalable Video Conferencing: NDI video workflows offer flexible and high-quality video conferencing, particularly in large, multifunctional spaces.
  4. Sophisticated Control Systems: Easy-to-use iPads and QSC processing provide intuitive and powerful control over the environment.
  5. Future-Ready Infrastructure: The office is now equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ready to accommodate Carbon Clean’s ongoing growth and changes in working practices.

“You made sure that we’ve got the best out of the AV upgrade project. It was a lot of fun to work with you, guys. And I look forward to doing it again sometime soon.” David Biglin of Carbon Clean reflects on the collaboration with ITSL Group, emphasising the seamless integration of technology and space to create an optimal working environment.

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