The AV industry can be beneficial for businesses. Here’s how!

Because of social distancing, employees have started to seek new ways of staying connected with fellow team members, friends and relatives. This means that more and more people switch to the AV industry and the digital ways of communication. Employees and businesses invest in TV sets, speakers, microphones and everything else needed for a smooth long-distance conference.

Here are some neat tips on how to benefit from the AV industry!

  • Invest in a second monitor/TV screen. Not only will you take advantage of the freedom to spread files across wider space, but also the flexibility that the dual-screen setup ensures is immeasurable.
  • Get a good video camera. People love beautiful imagery and crystal pictures. Investing in such a gadget is a great idea when it comes to video conferences. Your clients and colleagues will greatly appreciate the clear images you provide them with.
  • Incorporate a decent audio system. Providing a crystal-clear sound to the home office ensures smoother and more natural communication. Besides, nothing beats the pleasure of listening to music on a high-end speaker setup.
  • Complement the good camera image with neat lighting setup. By doing so, you will appear even more natural on screen. Such combination reveals that you have attention to detail, which could greatly impress clients and partners.
  • Also, it is a good idea to invest in a good microphone. Appearing natural not only in visuals but also in sound further boosts your online presence. A good recording device reduces unwanted sounds and hums and thus and makes the communication with you even more pleasurable and authentic.
  • There are numerous smart ways of connecting all these gadgets in a single dedicated system. ITSL can consult you on choosing the right components and can make the entire customised setup. Find out more about our solutions here!  

Additional benefits

It seems that the uncertain times of today have contributed to numerous positive aspects in the digital working spaces. Such include better and more flexible “face-to-face” online interactions, improved department communications and enhanced flexibility for workers, wherever they are located.  

People have started to search for ways to create and improve their home-based work offices and at the same time businesses are trying to satisfy the new and unexpected needs of their customers. Therefore, in these particular conditions, ITSL Group tries its best to maintain as flexible as possible and ensure the best results for its demanding clients. 

ITSL Group hasn’t stopped adopting new technologies and contemporary approaches to provide the best results for its clients. In fact, one of our most recent achievements is receiving a Quality Management System ISO certification. Such recognition allows ITSL Group to enhance performance and quality of our processes at even higher levels, and deliver results even beyond customer expectations.

Here’s some more info on the topic:  ITSL Group receives ISO:9001-2015 certification