Domestic & General PLC

Domestic & General are a UK company with head office located in Wimbledon, London. The company has been protecting people’s possessions for over 60 years, they look after almost every household appliance, from washing machines right through to LCD TVs currently providing cover for over 7.5 million appliances.


ITSL Group provide a maintenance service for all D&G locations within the UK, the service level is bespoke dependent on the location and all internal AV equipment is managed, serviced and upgraded by ITSL within the agreed lifecycle guidelines.


ITSL Group first started to work with D&G in 2009, this was after a difficult period with their incumbent AV maintenance company. D&G has multiple office across the UK some used as call centers and others are for back office functions, ITSL completed an initial audit of all the AV equipment and provided D&G with a clear understanding of the condition, life expectancy and specification of all AV assets. Since the initial appointment ITSL have been requested to be the sole provider and to carry out all new installations for all D&G locations across the UK.


After ITSL had carried out a detailed audit of all internal AV equipment, all items were asset tagged allowing the ITSL help-desk to quickly determine the exact item that required attention, the room it was located in and relevant system drawing allowing our engineer to assist user in resolving the issue there and then. The onsite maintenance that’s in place is a bespoke package designed specifically for D&G, it is a detailed structure with certain locations and certain key rooms being on a 4hr SLA with exact swap loans, whilst other less business critical locations and rooms are on the standard 8hr SLA.

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