Modernising UEL’s Student Hub with High-Tech AV Enhancements

Born to cater to the skills required during the second industrial revolution in 1898, the University of East London (UEL) has embarked on the third year of its transformative 10-year strategic plan, Vision 2028. As one of the most diverse and dynamic universities in the world, UEL is committed to making a profound, positive impact on the communities it serves, encouraging both staff and students to realise their utmost potential.


The University of East London aimed to revamp an existing café area into a modern, relaxing space for students. Initially, they envisioned this space as a bar and club, but later shifted focus to cater to a more diverse student body.
The new idea was to create a social hub where students could interact, relax and even host events. These events would encompass musical performances from outside artists, large-screen digital signage screenings and the streaming of sporting events. They also wanted to incorporate cutting-edge technology, aesthetics and modifiable lighting to create a unique ambiance. Furthermore, they desired the flexibility to change the setup according to the ongoing events and requirements. Airedale Group were the designers and main contractor on the project. ITSL Group worked directly for them.

Project Benefits

◉ Aesthetics and Mood: The space’s modern design, coupled with the variable lighting solutions, enhanced its aesthetics and ambiance, providing a more inviting environment for students.
◉ Versatility: The state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and flexible layout transformed the space into a multi-functional hub, allowing it to host an array of events, from casual socialising to live music performances.
◉ Live Event Streaming: The inclusion of a camera enabled live event streaming across the university, providing broader access to on-site activities.
◉ Future Opportunities: The successful execution of the project has led to discussions about upgrading other areas within the university, offering the potential for more sophisticated social and educational spaces.


The team worked on the existing café area, which comprised a main space, a foyer, and a smaller chill-out zone. We used advanced AV equipment to deliver a ‘wow’ factor. Here’s what we did:
◉ Installed four 98-inch displays. Three are portrait-mounted in the foyer and main areas, while the fourth, landscape-oriented display is positioned high above the foyer, embedded into a living moss wall.
◉ Built two 0.5-meter-high by 5.5-meter-long LED walls in the main space with equipment from Ledman and Novastar. Integrated into the QSC control system, they allow for interactive visuals and are synced with the sound system.
◉ Deployed an extremely powerful sound system, comprising large-scale QSC speakers and subwoofers that were ceiling-mounted. Four pendant speakers were placed in the foyer to deliver sound directly to that space.
◉ Incorporated an Aver camera for live streaming of events happening in the space to the rest of the university.
Complementing this tech setup, our partner Airedale provided chic furniture and variable lighting solutions that can modify the room’s colour and mood.

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