Phaidon International

Phaidon International started working with ITSL in 2012 after attending a demo event day in the Gherkin. They then decided to embrace video conferencing technology to connect their international offices and streamline their operations and interviews. They selected Lifesize video conference equipment and ITSL Group as their AV system integrators.


After liaising with ITSL they decided to install a main video conference suite in London and various huddle rooms and video conference pods in their other worldwide offices. The main London boardroom was equipped with a Lifesize HD pan-tilt-zoom camera, dual screen and touchscreen conference phone. They also decided to embrace ITSL Group’s smart meeting room iPad control. By making the system easy to use they increased their return on investment and removed to need to train new employees. They use ITSL Group’s video cloud service at their remote offices integrated with HD Logitech webcam and microphone. This is a professional and cost effective setup for them to hold internal meetings and collaborate between offices. They can also invite guests, candidates and clients to speak with them over video. They also have the facility to record and share these meetings and interviews with colleagues and clients alike.


  • 1 x Lifesize Team 220
  • 2 x LG 55″ LED HD Professional Display
  • 2 x Unicol Wall Mount
  • 1 x Kramer VP400K VGA 1-4 Distribution Amplifier
  • 5 x LG Executive 24″ LCD screen, with 720p camera and microphone
  • 5 x ITSL HD Video Conferencing Software Client

ITSL are always responsive and helpful and often go above and beyond to ensure we are constantly working and have no down time with our AV. Their cloud service makes it easy to conduct interviews with any candidate, stay in contact with our clients and collaborate with our offices abroad, without being confined to the boardroom. We can now work remotely and have seen an increase in return business from our clients and a dramatic improvement in our own efficiency in selecting and putting forward the best candidates possible.

Sarah Goodrich

Group Operations Manager - Phaidon International

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