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The UK Headquarters employs over 350 staff who oversee all aspects of the UK operation from core infrastructure to media production and advertising.


ITSL Group we selected to fit out a new 24,000 Sq ft office floor just off of Piccadilly Circus with audio visual equipment for meeting rooms, break out areas and common office spaces. Some equipment from the old office was to be removed, tested and reinstalled and a large quantity was to be installed from new.

The meeting rooms needed to be easy to use and the Crestron equipment was to be leveraged to make full use of its potential.

A distribution system for signage, metrics and television was needed to drive the screens in the common spaces.


  • 1 x Crestron AV2
  • 1 x Crestron C2nVeq4
  • 1 x Kramer 16:1 VGA Switch
  • 1 x Extron 8×8 RGBHV Ultra ETH
  • 1 x Ecler HZA-4 100V
  • 16 x Exler IC6
  • 2 x LifeSize Room 220
  • 3 x NEC P462
  • 4 x NEC P461
  • 2 x NEC P551
  • 2 x NEC P501
  • 4 x NEC 4020LCD
  • 1 x Samsung LED TV 40”
  • 1 x Hitachi CPWUX645N Projector
  • 1 x Panasonic Projector
  • 1 x Crestron MPC-M5
  • 4 x iPad
  • 1 x Apart Concept 1


ITSL installed a Crestron controlled set of meeting rooms consisting of two video conference rooms and two meeting/presentation rooms, the in room touch panels were iPads running the Crestron App. The rooms were separated by folding walls so utilising the intelligent lighting system and partition switches, whenever the rooms were opened up, in any combination, the iPads would show the relevant controls and options allowing easy access to all features, whatever the room configuration. The system had to be easy to use so ITSL ensured that the users were shown on the iPad only what they needed at the time and nothing more, along with useful shortcuts to the most used functions.

For the open office space screens, a distribution system was needed that could work with computer video and composite video. A CAT5 system from Extron was selected that would allow simultaneous transmission of TV channels and computer video for signage and company metrics.

In the breakout area an LED screen was installed along with a projector for use when there is a large event or an informal presentation. The Wii was of course connected up to the TV and a sound system was commissioned making the space useful for functions.

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