VPS Holdings Ltd

VPS Holdings is a worldwide leader in the protection and management of void properties, they have built an integrated property services group focused on the temporary protection, improvement and renovation of void properties. VPS has offices across Europe and America, has over 40 regional depots and employs over 650 people.
They offer fresh ideas and innovative solutions to clients’ property management issues combined with first class security products and unmatched vacant property service quality.


  • 1 x Lifesize Room 220
  • 6 x Lifesize Express 220


ITSL Group were approached by VPS to provide a video conferencing solution allowing the VPS management team to communicate effectively across the mainland European offices, US offices and the UK head office. They were looking to implement a HD video conferencing system to run internally within their own network and required a high quality low bandwidth solution. The VC proposal needed to provide a user friendly interface with internal bridging capabilities and was also to be supplied and commissioned in all VPS offices


The solution provided was a combination of products from LifeSize, ITSL Group specified a high definition video conferencing codec with an inbuilt 8 way bridge for the UK head office and for all satellite offices a similar high definition codec without the bridging capabilities. The proposal from ITSL was demonstrated within 36hrs, upon approval the equipment was delivered, installed and commissioned by ITSL engineers across Europe within five days and America within 7 days. VPS now have a full HD video conferencing system installed at all their key office locations mitigating the need for flight into Europe and America on a regular basis, the implementation is expected to see a return on investment within 3-6 months.

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