Churches & Places of Worship

Complete Control Systems, Installation & Audio Visual Equipment For Sacred Buildings


Church projector, church microphone and more

With more than decade’s worth of experience, the ITSL team continue to provide services and solutions relating to audio, video, lighting, control and automation in churches and places of worship. We specialise in complete installation of easy to use solutions.

Services Customised for You

Comprehensive Suite of Services Customised To Your Requirements

Whether you are looking for special lighting or an advanced sound system for routine church services or occasions like Christmas and Easter – we offer state of the art solutions for audio visual integration and specialised automation and control.

Our list of services includes the installation and servicing of:

  • Speech Reinforcement equipment
  • Video and Projection Systems
  • Live Music Systems
  • Hearing Systems for the hearing impaired
  • Church Hall Systems for Video & Audio
  • Lighting Systems
  • AV Automation
  • CCTV coverage
  • Full training

Our success in this industry is based on our understanding of specific needs and requirements of holy places. Our solutions are designed to facilitate everyday worship as well as special occasions, sermons and ceremonies.

Our expert technicians put special emphasis on retaining the sanctity of the building at all times and make sure that the interior finish as well as accessibility of the building is not compromised at any stage of the refurbishment and renovation proves.

Quality, Usability and Affordability

Partnering Quality, Usability and Affordability for Long Term Results

Over the past 15 years, ITSL has built its reputation as a caring and credible AV expert to places of worship. The ITSL difference can be found in the quality and functionality of any system that we install.

We believe that even a great collection of equipment is nothing if one cannot use it to help in everyday worship as well as for special events.

We not only assist you in equipment installation, but also train and guide your volunteers on how to use it easily for you and the congregation. You can be assured that all cabling will be well hidden and the decorative order will be expertly restored once the installation work has been completed.

Experience and Expertise

Our Experience and Expertise Sets Us Apart in the Industry

We have an experienced team that is familiar with the processes involved in gaining permission for installation or renovation work in sacred buildings and we produce detailed computer generated plans in advance that can be presented to the relevant authorities or a faculty for permission. Finesse and attention to detail is our forte – we have extensive experience working at listed buildings both as part of retrofit and refurbishment and are familiar with the challenges that each of those bring.

Guaranteed Services for Complete Peace of Mind

No need to worry about any technical problems or maintenance issues when the ITSL team actively maintains your system. At ITSL Audio Visual, all of our installations are backed by our two year materials and workmanship guarantee as well as the manufacturer guarantee. Plus, we also offer Maintenance and Servicing as an ad-hoc requirement or as part of a service agreement.

Make the Place of Worship all the More Comforting and Convenient and Ensure an Enriching Experience for the People Coming In.

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