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Video Conferencing Rooms

Video Communication, Collaboration, Presentation

Efficient Installation of the Most Robust and Reliable Video Conferencing Solutions Designed to Meet Your Specific Business Need

A Video Conference room from ITSL is more than just hardware and installation. It is a thought process that considers how the room will be utilised by all types of users and how the technology can help with everyday business tasks and challenges. The ‘ITSL Smart Meeting Room’ is a thread of philosophy that runs through everything we do.

When ITSL create a video environment there are three aspects that must be considered:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Presentation

Every Video Conference room should be multifunctional to get true value for money.


The essence of any video room is Communication. A Video Conference room from ITSL is installed using the latest cloud connected technology from LifeSize, Cisco and Polycom. High Definition and with crystal clear sound, communication with clients, suppliers and internal teams is effortless and natural.

ITSL are experts in video technology and a full consultative approach is employed where the needs are addressed and the environment of the room is considered.

At ITSL we don’t install equipment, we install a solution.


Collaboration by video is increasing in popularity every day and in fact for many businesses, including that of ITSL, it is a vital part of operation. To effectively collaborate with colleagues and customers by video, easy, flexible connectivity options are needed. Often no one way of working is suitable so a mix of options must be offered to the VC room users.

ITSL design and install collaboration solutions that include touch sensitive screens, interactive projectors and smart boards, super small form factor ‘resident’ computers, wireless desktop sharing and robust table connectivity for those who want to use their own laptop.

With these collaboration options, sharing your screen and working together has never been easier or more effective.


Running a presentation can be a simple affair. In a video room it is often confusing and limited. ITSL endeavour to make the user experience as simple as possible with the Smart Meeting Room philosophy. When this is applied to a Video Conference room the options and uses are greatly increased to provide real value for money.

Using the collaboration tools that are so useful for video calls a room user has real choice in how a presentation is run and from where. A multitude of connectivity options should be available that suits the way they work and these should be easily controlled with the minimum of fuss.

Room users should turn up and present. No technical assistance, no lost or broken cables.

Contact us to learn more about how we can craft a solution fit for your needs and budget.

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