Scaling flexible video conferencing rooms for Scale Space

Scale Space is the scale up community for innovative businesses, based in White City and Nottingham. They are a community of venture builders, universities, corporate innovators and scale up services. Brought together to unlock the potential of UK innovation by helping innovative businesses to grow. How? By connecting these businesses to the people, services and space they need to accelerate growth and thrive. Scale Space builds on over 20 years’ experience of the UK’s leading venture builder, and research and talent from world-leading universities. Scale Space also provides tailored working spaces to start-ups and scale-ups. Flexible office spaces can be branded and turned into collaborative environments that everyone loves. 

Scaling flexible video conferencing rooms for Scale Space


Scale Space had a requirement for easy-to-use meeting rooms for guests of various abilities and one-time users to just walk in and use the technology with whatever hardware they bring into the room. Having a good user experience and great quality was a must-have, so the meeting rooms had to be arranged for wireless presenting and to have brand agnostic setup for laptops or other video conferencing devices.


ITSL was commissioned with the complete set up of 35 bring-your-own-device (BYOD) video conference-optimised meeting rooms. We relied on the following equipment for this project:
• Samsung large 4K (ultra HD) displays;
• 20 Konftel PTZ cameras;
• HD voice conference phone/microphone array with a dialable phone number;
• Solstice Pod wireless presentation system.
A single USB cable from a user’s laptop connects to all devices, camera, conference phone mic array and screen.

Project Benefits

The meeting rooms equipment is very easy to operate by all users, regardless of the brand of their personal laptops. Just one USB cable connects the user laptop to all devices for video calling. The equipment can host any video conferencing application including MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Pexip, Bluejeans, Lifesize, Ring Central, Go to Meeting and many others. Providing flexibility to community members, not only in terms of physical spaces but also in terms of VC technology, is very important for Scale Space. Different users prefer different computing hardware and also have different preferences for the conferencing applications they use. So, equipping their 35 meeting rooms with gear that would work easily, flawlessly and without the need for additional support was critical. ITSL’s AV engineers were instrumental in fulfilling this requirement. The overall project was delivered by ITSL on time, communication was easy-going and Scale Space are very happy with the end result!

Scaling flexible video conferencing rooms for Scale Space

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