Collaboration Upgrade for Headland Consultancy with Superior Meeting Rooms AV Setup

Headland Consultancy is an expert in the fields of financial and corporate communications, public affairs, and campaigning. Based in London, the communication specialist offers guidance to a wide range of organizations, including retailers, technology firms, financial establishments, and professional services companies, on their corporate communication strategies.


Headland Consultancy had outdated legacy systems in their meeting rooms and boardroom. It was an outdated installation with aesthetic complications that needed attending to. This made the space uncomfortable for the whole team. The client asked us to upgrade their existing systems, provide a consistent and reliable AV solution, and improve the overall appearance of the rooms.


Our team carried out two phases of upgrades to the meeting rooms and boardroom at Headland’s office in Pavilion City, London. In phase one, we installed Barco wireless Link Room Systems in two meeting rooms and a boardroom. During phase two, we installed systems in additional three meeting rooms and two joint rooms, controlled by AMX and equipped with ceiling microphones to ensure clear audio quality.

Project Benefits

The upgraded systems at Headland Consultancy have provided the following benefits:

Reliability: The new systems are consistent and reliable, providing a smooth and seamless experience for users.

Consistency: The client has a consistent design across all spaces.

Ease of use: The upgraded systems are easy to use and provide a more intuitive experience for the users.

Professional installations: The new installations are properly done and look much tidier and professional.

Note: Our team is currently awaiting the order for phase three, which will include upgrades to a town hall presentation space with an open area, and phase four, which will include upgrades to another space at the client’s office.

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