Auditorium AV Installation for Hever Hotel

Hever Hotel, situated in the green countryside of Kent has a rich history dating back hundreds of years. Right next door is Hever Castle, built in the 13th century and the famous 18 hole golf course.
The Hotel is an international conference center boasting 70 bedrooms, 17 meeting rooms, an auditorium seating 78 and an Executive Briefing Center.


Due to the success of the phase 1 refurbishment, the phase 2 auditorium build was brought forward to help meet capacity needs of the business. As such there was a short mobilisation time and very compressed build schedule.
The Auditorium needed to enable any speaker or presenter total control of the environment and contain the latest digital technology and connectivity. A large high resolution screen would be needed and a PA system for speakers and question/answer sessions. Due to the international nature of the business, feeds from the auditorium system needed to be sent to the platform for translator booths.
Five syndicate rooms needed fitting out with interactive whiteboards and floor box connectivity.


The system was designed to allow full operability of the room from a simple iPad interface. With the iPad a speaker could control the lights, microphones, projector and room volume with a few touches. Full lighting control and scene selection was available while the linked sensors were able to turn on all the lights when you enter the space.
The video system was installed using the proven MPS-409 presentation switch from Extron. Full digital and legacy VGA connectivity could be achieved within one small unit. HDMI and VGA inputs were made available at two places in the auditorium and a comfort monitor was provisioned in front of the speaker to mirror what was on the projector.
The audio system was centred on the ultra-flexible Jupiter 8 Digital Signal Processor. Connected in were three Sennheiser 300 series radio microphones, well known for their robust performance. The output of the audio system was via two Ecler XLA500 Amplifiers connected up to four TurboSound TCX8 loudspeakers. These are capable of providing compelling speech reproduction while still being able to produce a full spectrum sound for a stunning cinema experience as and when required.
In the syndicate rooms, Promethean 77” Interactive Whiteboards were installed and linked into resident PC’s. The projectors were also linked up to VGA and HDMI ports in the floor for laptop use on the meeting tables.



  • 1 x Crestron DIN-AP2
  • 1 x Crestron DIN8 SW8
  • 1 x Crestron DIN-FLV4
  • 1 x Crestron DIN-1DIMU4
  • 1 x Ecler HZA-4 100V
  • 1 x iPad
  • 1 x MPS-409
  • 1 x Samsung BluRay Player



  • 1 x NEC PA500U WUXGA Projector
  • Draper 3,0m Fixed Frame Screen, REact material
  • 8 x Kramer PT-572
  • 8 x Kramer PT-571
  • 1 x Symetrix Jupiter 8
  • 2 x Ecler XLA500
  • 4 x Turbosound TCX8
  • 1 x Signet Induction Loop Driver


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