Immersive Learning Experience for The Misbourne Students

The Misbourne is a coeducational secondary school and sixth form located in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, with approximately 1,070 students in the main school and around 170 in the sixth form offering A-Levels and vocational qualifications. Students achieve well above the national average in their exams – in 2022, 80% of Sixth Formers who applied to university achieved their first-choice course.


The Misbourne was having issues with the audio visual system in their large hall. The hall had an old projection system and unsatisfying audio quality. The projector image was nowhere near bright enough for the space. The academy was also facing similar issues in their 30 to 40 classrooms, where the projectors, interactive whiteboards and other equipment were outdated.
The academy required an upgraded AV system with high-quality image and sound for their presentations in the hall and a proof of concept classroom to demonstrate how the legacy equipment could be replaced with modern AV solutions.


We upgraded the projection system in the hall with a laser projector from Epson (EBL630U) that has more than double the brightness of the old one. The new projector was installed with a proper mount solution and the audio system was upgraded with high-quality QSC amplifier and speakers. For crystal clear audio input we added a Sennheiser Bluetooth headset and a Shure gooseneck microphone. We designed the proof of concept classroom with a new 75-inch LG screen instead of projection and new Ecler powered speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. The cabling was redone and a new SY wall plate was installed. Interactive displays were provided where necessary and the AV system was set up for direct connection from the PCs.

Project Benefits

The Misbourne now has a modern and high-quality AV system for their presentations in the hall. It provides a bright and high-quality image with a great sound. The new AV system allows the teachers to deliver large-scale school presentations in an easier and more effective way.

The proof of concept classroom serves as an example of how the outdated equipment can be replaced in all other classrooms. Teachers can now make presentations in a more engaging way and deliver content with better clarity. The academy is now planning to upgrade other classrooms with the same modern AV equipment, which will provide an immersive and interactive learning experience for the students.

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