NHS Trust relies on ITSL Group for AV projects across many sites

The NHS provides healthcare services to more than one million patients every 36 hours, and the vast majority of these services are free at the point of use for UK residents. It is one of the top 5 largest employers in the world. Understandably, such a huge operation needs a very coordinated structure between local healthcare provider organisations. There are a total of 219 NHS trusts today and ITSL Group has been the go-to AV partner for one of them in the past few years.

Video conference with Yealink UVC40 video bar - NHS Trust success story by ITSL Group


The NHS Trust we cover all AV projects for has requirements no different than any other NHS Trust and medical facility. Clinicians need reliable meeting rooms with the absolute minimum of setup time prior to a meeting, a training or a consultation.
Medical staff should be solely focused on medical cases and helping patients, so it is critical that the audio visual solutions across medical centres and hospitals, work perfectly fine every time and that these will not take more than a minute to switch on and start using.
So far, we have covered AV projects in 11 different facilities of this particular NHS Trust without ever compromising uptime and reliability of the installed systems. Some of the facilities required strict anti-ligature compliance and we made sure this need is met too.

AV Technology

Across the 13 AV projects covered for our client so far, we have used multi-vendor equipment for various meeting rooms and purposes. The major brands of AV equipment we installed include:
○ Konftel: 55wx Bluetooth speakerphone, K70 high performance speakerphone, Cam50 camera, OCC Hub
○ LG commercial displays
○ Biamp audio products (microphones, DSPs, amplifiers and speakers)
○ HP Elitedesk 800 PCs
○ Aver Cam520 cameras
○ ECLER eAMBIT103 surface mount loudspeakers
○ QSC: Core 8 Flex video and control processor; SPA4-60 amplifiers
○ Shure MXA710-2 microphones
○ Yealink UVC40 All-in-One (AIO) USB video bar
○ Yealink UVC84 PTZ auto-framing tracking camera

Benefits of the Relationship

All AV installations covered by ITSL Group allow clinicians to have simple, successful good-quality video calls regardless of the size of the meeting room or the audience around them.

On a high level, this particular NHS Trust is very happy with our flexibility and dynamic approach to meeting their AV requirements. Unlike very large AV integrators, we can model our proposition to fit in with the demands of each of the medical sites. Being flexible translates into areas such as saving on costs or changing AV equipment from a previously agreed setup in the last minute due to supply issues. On a final note, the NHS Trust has signed up for ongoing AV Support and Maintenance with us and relies on our quick response, if any issues ever occur. They have a dedicated AV support engineer at their disposal.

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