Not Just Any VC Experience for AnyVan

AnyVan, a leading UK tech company in the logistics industry, aims to make moving more accessible, affordable and eco-friendly through technology and innovation. With over 8 million customers across Europe, they have become the largest, fastest-growing firm in their sector. Sustainability is at the heart of their mission, having achieved carbon-neutral status on all transport moves.


AnyVan faced challenges in their meeting rooms due to outdated video conferencing equipment. They had several rooms with basic video setups, which were not performing efficiently. The company sought a cost-effective, easy-to-use and platform-agnostic solution that would enable high-quality video conferencing from any laptop. Additionally, they required AV solutions for a town hall presentation space, two smaller meeting rooms and one large meeting room.

Project Benefits

The solutions we provided dramatically improved the video conferencing capabilities of AnyVan’s meeting rooms. With the new equipment, they could now host meetings with better audio and visual quality on any platform. Our client was highly satisfied with the outcome, and as a result, they decided to continue using our services for their audio visual consulting needs. This partnership has allowed them to further enhance their communication capabilities and adapt to the changing requirements of their business.


Our team provided tailored solutions for each of the meeting rooms based on their specific requirements. In the two smaller meeting rooms we implemented an agnostic setup that included a camera mounted near the screen and a wireless speakerphone at the centre of the table. This setup provided easy connectivity for any laptop and allowed the client to run any video conferencing platform seamlessly. In the large meeting room we replaced the outdated projector with an 86-inch LG screen, ensuring a high-quality display. As the wall structure was weak, we opted for a floor-to-wall mount solution for added safety. We also installed a more advanced PTZ camera and retained the same wireless speakerphone on the table. This setup provided the client with a slightly upgraded version of the smaller rooms’ agnostic setup.

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