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Turbocharging the Automotive Industry’s Audio Visual Systems

Reliable Industry Specific Solutions for Automobile Giants

The automotive industry has remained one of the most fast paced, ever embracing the most advanced technology before anyone else. That technology is not just limited to the sort they develop for vehicles, but what they utilise to improve their internal communication, training and business process.

At ITSL, we understand that such corporations require audio visual solutions that deliver value, deliver a service and deliver a wow factor. We go out of our way to develop and implement solutions that are high quality and robust. Our major focus is aligned from the outset with yours, we share the same goals, visions and values.

Some major areas of services we cover include:

  • Training Rooms & Video Systems
  • Board rooms
  • Customer facing meeting spaces
  • The smart meeting room
  • Video conference installation
  • Digital signage
  • Workshop diagnostic AV & screens

Revolutionised Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

Working with some of the automotive giants, the ITSL team realised the common issues faced by the room users. We helped them modernise their communication and colaboration through audio visual solutions tailored for their needs. We offer customised automated solutions integrated into the existing or new infrastructure. The result is better meetings, easier colaboration and a user friendly experience.

Presentable Showrooms Laced with High-End Technology

ITSL’s services for automotive industry are not limited to conference rooms and meeting areas. We also provide complete lighting, digital signage, video walls and control system integration. Not only do we enhance the aesthetic appeal of the facility, we give centralised control to our clients. Projectors, monitors, control panels – we are capable of adding all the features you need to demonstrate and sell your idea, concept, or product.

© 2000 - 2019 ITSL Group | All rights reserved Cookie Use