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AV equipment and Video Conferencing in the education sector

In recent years, the Government has widely propagated the use of technology, AV equipment, and Video Conferencing in the education sector, for example the “Building Schools for the Future” scheme. Schools, Colleges and Universities have been steadily moving towards delivering education with audio-visual solutions that ensure an up-to-date learning system and improved academic performance.

An extensive portfolio of audio visual solutions for all academic needs

At ITSL, we understand the importance of incorporating audio visual solutions within the teaching environment and its impact on the learning experience. Our AV systems integration is especially designed to increase student engagement, and provide teachers, lecturers and trainers with hands-on interactivity to bring lessons to life.

We provide a complete range of professional resources to encompass planning, design, integration, installation and support of AV systems; for classrooms, lecture theatres, auditoriums and public speaking events at educational institutions.

Our diverse portfolio of services include:

  • Installation
    of interactive screens for teachers and tablets for students which facilitate a highly engaging educational environment;
  • Systems integration
    to make otherwise complicated AV systems simple quick and easy to use;
  • Scientifically designed audio systems
    for larger and more complex spaces including hearing systems for the hearing impaired.
  • Bright reliable projection for large screens
    with a minimum 4 year guarantee

Equipping you with the latest technology for world-class performance

ITSL’s mission to provide economic yet advanced solutions for classrooms, auditoriums and training institutions allows educators to work in a new way and spend more time on each student. Once you choose ITSL as your audio-visual system integrator, we guarantee you the following:

  • Practical
    interactivity to empower the educator as well as inspire students
  • Efficient
    communication with virtual learners and long-distance trainees
  • High-tech audio-visual learning
    environments offering a more exciting and updated educational context.
  • Specialised in-house training,
    support and development facilities

Give us a call and speak to one of our experts to learn more about our bespoke solutions for your education and training needs.

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