AV Training

Helping You Leverage Your Technology Investment

At ITSL, we understand not just the technology we offer, but the importance of training required to utilise its true potential. That is why we don’t leave you to figure things out on your own. We stay together with your team to help them understand the technology and its optimum use. From operating the equipment to interacting with the control panels, our audio visual training program covers each and every aspect of the solutions we deploy.

ITSL training is a service provided after a new installation or on a regular basis for new starters in the business.

Audio Visual Training Benefits

  • Confidence and Control
  • Increased Technology Usage
  • Improved Individual Performance & Self Service
  • Lower Support Calls
  • Faster Returns and Higher Profitability

Utilise Our Expertise to Improve Your Team’s Performance

The ITSL training team consists of experienced and reliable experts who boast exceptional technical and interpersonal skills. They strive to provide proper understanding of the system regardless of the technical expertise of your team.

The expertise of our team is topped with custom training solutions and programs tailored to your needs and requirements. These programs focus on how the technology is implemented and integrated in the infrastructure and how it will be used to improve process performance. The ultimate goal is to help you and your teams avoid and overcome the challenges that may hinder the potential of the system installed by our team.

Comprehensive Training Programs Designed to Your Needs

Since we offer customised solutions, our training programs are distinctly created for each system and organisation.

Our major services areas in this aspect are related to:

  • Video Conferencing & Collaborative Technologies
  • Audio & PA Systems
  • Presentation Equipment & Smart Boards
  • Bespoke Systems & Applications(using custom GUI)
  • Digital Signage

Moreover, we provide different types of training packages ranging from beginners guidance courses and refresher courses to advance technical training. Training is included as a service after every installation (or upgrade) and as refresher training courses when staff numbers increase or change.

ITSL Group also provides customised training sessions for beginners and advanced users for highly specific component functionality, as “How to collaborate more efficiently”, “Virtual meeting room for running presentations between different locations” or “AV equipment used in Churches and places of Worship”.

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