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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Instant Access, Around the Clock, Globally.

ITSL is proud to be one of the leaders in audio video and conferencing solutions in the UK and as leaders we utilise the best of cloud technology to help our clients get more value from our services and their equipment.

With our highly experienced team of engineers and partners known for their innovative technology, we offer the most reliable, dependable, and secure set of cloud based services in the UK. With ITSL, you get all the benefits of cloud along with several more. This is the value proposition that has helped our clients shift their system to cloud even before it became mainstream.

Branded as HD Video Cloud, the name really does say it all…

A Broad Spectrum of Cloud Services that Open Unlimited Possibilities and Offer Infinite Capabilities

Not sure why you might need cloud based services?

At ITSL, we understand that our clients are often unaware of the possibilities and capabilities of cloud. Our experts are always ready to help clients understand and analyse the technology based on their business needs. Flexible and scalable in nature, our cloud services are incorporated in your existing system in a manner that can be further scaled, altered, and enhanced as requirements change.

HD Video Cloud Services:

Desktop and mobile video Read More>

Switching between devices has never been easier. Remain connected wherever you are and with whatever device you have to hand. With the ability to sign in on 5 devices, you will be ready for business wherever you are.

Virtual Meeting Read More>

Our virtual meeting room service helps bring together multiple people and VC rooms. Meet centrally from any device without worry about who will host the call or if everyone has enough bandwidth – it just works. With rooms sizes from 3 to 49 seats no meeting is too big or too small to happen in the cloud.

Cloud Recording Read More>

Make all your meetings, conference, and seminars instantly available to everyone else on the team. Record presentation and training videos or enforce call recording for compliance.

Cloud Webcast Read More>

Speak to your whole team, present a live webinar, or conduct a training session through cloud webcast supported by ITSL technologies, Cloud Webcast streams to mobile devices with a dedicated optimised mobile video feed.

Support Read More>

All cloud services have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Being business grade you can rely on the ITSL systems to keep your video services up and running 24/7. Should you have an issue with our software, we are more than happy to help with remote support and a guaranteed response time of 60 minutes.

We Bring the Future to You

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘the future is in the cloud’? As technology experts, we can tell you that it is not an exaggeration. Cloud technology is quickly turning into the technological backbone of businesses. The ITSL team brings the best of this technology to your doorstep.

Contact Us Now And Let Our Team Assess Your Requirements. Cloud Solutions For Your Audio, Video And Conferencing Needs.

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