Desktop & Mobile Video

Desktop and Mobile

More mobile, more connected. Use your desktop, tablet or smartphone to connect and collaborate.

ITSL Group and Video Cloud make desktop video conferencing as simple as audio communication, enabling better collaboration at work or at home. Our HD cloud-based conferencing service makes this possible by allowing customers to seamlessly connect with each other anytime, anywhere, and from any desktop computer or mobile device.

Connect with any standards based device such as LifeSize, Cisco, Polycom and StarLeaf.

HD Video Cloud Services

High-quality desktop and mobile video conferencing beyond the boundaries of conference rooms

Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians offer you high-quality desktop and mobile video conferencing well beyond the usual boundaries of conference rooms, allowing employees and individuals across the enterprise to expand their collaborative network, and communicate with their suppliers, customers, partners, family and friends with a sense of live presence.

The ITSL Video Cloud takes away the worries and frustration related to video conferencing ownership and associated network and infrastructure management. It delivers all the benefits of high definition visual communication to the desktop, tablet, or mobile, without high upfront costs or on-going maintenance charges.


  • High Definition 1080p Video Calling
  • Communicate with all standards based video conference units
  • Includes a 3 way multi-conference facility
  • Invite a guest using the branded invitation portal
  • Communicate with other Video Cloud users
  • A Secure Network – uses AES encryption
  • Share your desktop or any running application
  • Easy setup – works through firewalls and over public networks

Virtual Meeting Rooms

ITSL Video Cloud can bring together up to 49 participants in a single collaborative video call. In the same as a telephone conference call all participants meet in one central location, the Virtual Meeting Room. Password protected and securely encrypted virtual meeting room sare perfect meeting spaces for larger calls and for when multiple technologies need to be included, such as Microsoft Lync and ISDN.

Firewall Traversal

Video firewall traversal service eliminates the barriers to connect to external parties without compromising your corporate network. This service allows secure calling over the internet without altering the configuration of your corporate security and keeps the same high level of internet protection.

Streaming and Recording Service

ITSL Video Streaming and Recording Service allows video calls to be recorded to download at a later date, or streamed live on the internet.

Managed Solutions

Our Managed Solutions offer packages to compliment your video conferencing systems. These solutions have been specifically designed to enhance your video conferencing experience, and ensure that you get the most out of your system.

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With ITSL HD Video Cloud, let voice cracking and blurred videos be the least of your worries. The ITSL HD Video Cloud starter kit includes a Logitech high definition USB web cam and a Jabra USB headset. Priced at just £109, the starter kit is the easiest way to get started with clear audio and sharp video.

Get in touch with our product specialists to get a deeper insight into our Video Cloud services and gain access to mobility, video, and collaboration solutions within your enterprise.

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