Creative Services

Taking Creativity and Customisation to a whole new level

At ITSL, each and every service we offer is designed to help our clients utilise the best of technology and leverage the most from it. Our creative services are in line with our objective to provide very specific and uniquely customised solutions for our clients. We understand that each client is unique in their needs and requirements. That’s why in 2007 we founded our creative department to meet those needs.

We offer a plethora of creative services including GUI designs, layout designs, and digital signage creative.


A Dynamic Set of Services to Help You Outperform and Stand Out

After technology, creativity is the backbone of our services. We hire not just tech gurus, but also creative geniuses with understanding of technical challenges and marketing goals for your business. This unique amalgam of knowledge helps them deliver solutions that take you closer to your ultimate goal.

Unique Layouts

When designing touchpanel layouts for our clients, we keep in mind their distinct corporate identity and the brand image they wish to showcase. Our creative designers and multimedia team creates a unique layout that clearly defines each client’s company. Each solution is modified by client’s unique requirements of content and design.

Custom Content

We create content that is 100% tailored to our client’s needs. No matter what type of content is required, a weather app for digital signage, Interactive mapping or customized control system design for your Smart Meeting Room – ITSL is ready with a solution. Our consulting team is always there for advice and ready to help for achieving the best results with your custom digital signage or control system design.

Custom App Development

Our development team is always there and ready to meet even most demanding challenge. No matter how big or complicated your idea is, we are ready to achieve it. Our development department create custom applications for a multitude of needs attached to digital signage and room automation.

Digital signage system

As digital signage experts, we understand that digital signage is more than just a digital replication of print media. We consider it more like an accessory for your business. You can’t quite create the right look or ensure your message is understood without getting the signage right. Poorly implemented design can destroy any message no matter how much high-end technology is used. Let ITSL eliminate your digital signage worries with considered design and original ideas.

Customised Control Systems

ITSL Group understands the need of simple, easy to use software solutions. ITSL systems allow you to control all elements of your smart meeting room, board room or auditorium. ITSL Group develop smart touch screen applications for iPad, Crestron or AMX touch panels to control your technology with ease, coupled with unique layout design (GUI) and content customised to your needs and to your branding.

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