Ensuring Complete Control and Convenience through Coding

At ITSL, we offer programming as a service in order to maintain flexibility and control for the systems we design. ITSL invests heavily in systems programming as this is the cornerstone of a successful room automation system. It needs to be easy and intuitive to use and minimize or eliminate the need for in-room instructions.

Our programming service is based on proven techniques, effective designs, and enhanced functionality. We use our experience and understanding regarding audio visual systems to deliver a solution that is both functional and flexible. Most importantly, we promise solutions that offer the best user experience. For us, the vision for a room control system is to allow any room user to turn up and work– no rummaging in cupboards or figuring out the remote control.

Certified Expertise to Ensure Deliverance of Quality

ITSL believes in quality, and we know that quality comes from experience and expertise. That is the reason we hire professionals with proper certification and qualifications. Our team boasts a wide range of industry grade certification in:

Crestron Programming

We have a team of Creston certified engineers who are familiar with Creston technology. The team stays in touch with the manufacturer in order to stay up to date with the latest developments.

AMX Programming

ITSL stands out as a leader in AMX Programming with the help of a team that holds AMX certification and training under its belt. Not only do they understand the AMX technology, they know how to best incorporate with your existing system.

Extron programming

Our team hold Extron Certification that allows them to ensure satisfactory and successful implementation of Extron powered solutions. The familiarity earned through these training programs allows us to customized solutions right up to your specific requirements.

ITSL strictly ensures renewal of certification and expansion of team’s expertise through latest training offered by the manufacturers we ally with. You can rely on us for in-depth understanding of the tools and technology we offer. With programming capabilities that align with the hardware and equipment, we ensure optimized performance, enhanced experience, and higher value.

Presenting Programming as a Service for Enhanced Capabilities and Control


Our solutions are customised to meet the specific requirements of each client we service. We study the existing system to ensure a solution that aligns well with the current technology and enhances its capabilities up to requirements. That is why we offer a broad set of programming services including:

  • Control systems programming
  • Touch panel design and layout
  • On-site commissioning of system controls
  • Remote monitoring via AMX Meeting Manager and Crestron RoomView
  • Troubleshooting and service of older or problematic control systems

Case Studies