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Use Quality Business Furniture

As a company that works with businesses to help them establish and accomplish their business goals, ITSL understands how every element comes together to create the environment you desire. When it comes to board rooms and conference rooms, it is not just the technology that serves your purpose, the fit out and furniture is just as important. It is what allows seamless operation and function of your smart room and ensures uninterrupted communication with ease.

In order to deliver the best of our services, we have partnered with UK’s leading professional furniture company HANDS. ITSL Group and HANDS’ professional services deliver end-to-end turnkey solutions combined with professional skills ensuring great looking, slick results.

Media Walls, Credenzas, Boardroom Tables and AV Walls

We cover a broad spectrum of high-end Business furniture for boardrooms, meeting rooms and Video Conferencing rooms. The furniture design aligns well with the solutions we implement and also with the way those solutions are expected to be utilised. It enables flexibility and versatility along with an aesthetic appeal that has a strong professional feel to it.

HANDS furniture reflects quality in every sense of the word. The ITSL team goes out of its way to help you find and choose the executive furniture to compliment the technology you have invested in. Feel free to contact us for complete consultation regarding your smarter furnishing needs.

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