Audio Technologies

Smart Address Systems

You need to get your announcement out to your customers, possibly spread throughout a large area, inside and out. You need to ensure your message is audible and at the correct volume for each given environment.

Smart Address Systems from ITSL ensure that your messages are always crystal clear and are presented to your customers at a set level above any background noise. If the messages are manual or pre recorded they will always be heard exactly as you intend.

In the event of an emergency the smart priority system takes over and your messages cannot be interrupted, be it for evacuation or special instructions.

ITSL partner with manufacturers of the most technically advanced audio equipment in the world. We take pride that in any project undertaken quality and clarity are top of the agenda no matter what the budget may be.


Audio conferencing is a cornerstone of large meetings, allowing all participants equal voice in the decision making process.

All conferencing solutions from ITSL are tailored to the space and the desired use. Everything from the number of participants, remote telephone users, translation lines and room acoustics are considered.

Audio conferencing from ITSL combines ultra high technology with low key easy to use design ensuring it’s the content, not the equipment that gets noticed.


Sound reproduction can be a tricky business in many places of worship with buildings dating back many hundreds of years. These buildings were designed with lots of hard surfaces and high vaulted ceilings designed to echo voice from front to back, left to right well before the advent of microphones, speakers and electricity.

ITSL have been installing audio systems to churches and places of worship for over 10 years and are very familiar with the challenges that this brings.

Technologically lots has changed in the last 10 years and ITSL has focused on making the setup of any ceremony easy be it a wedding or a funeral. ITSL has brought easy to use technology straight from the boardroom to the place of worship to ensure there will be no more fiddling with wires or changing faders on a complicated sound desk.

The specialist technology for the challenging audio environments required in places of worship should always be low key and in keeping with the surroundings. ITSL selects the best possible speakers, microphones and wiring to make the technology blend in and more importantly, just work.

ITSL are experienced in working inside listed buildings and take great care in installation. If special planning permission or a faculty are needed ITSL will produce the required documents and attend meetings with the relevant personnel.

PA systems

Our PA systems are designed to the highest standard to comply with safety regulations to enable your organisation to provide a safe working environment whilst providing a platform for instructions or announcements to be communicated to customers or personnel at any time.

  • Platform for instructions or announcements
  • Emergency voice alarm systems
  • Broadcasting of announcements
  • Ambient music

Our emergency voice alarm systems enable the safe and orderly evacuation of people either from the entire premises or affected areas, this works in conjunction with your fire alarm system cutting any ambient music to allow the alarm to heard clearly.

When not in emergency mode our public address systems allow the broadcasting of announcements and ambient music in areas such as shopping centres, theme parks and stadiums etc.

The effective evacuation of staff and customers is an essential process, the ITSL voice alarm system enables any evacuation to be carried out quickly and effectively. Voice alarm systems are an additional level of alert and provide businesses with peace of mind and can save lives.

Retail Audio Systems

A massive amount of time and effort goes into creating a store’s environment and atmosphere—and the audio ambience is a large part of it which is rarely considered until the last minute. Although research is conclusive, it’s just common sense that customers remain in a store longer when the music is pleasing to the ear.

By using an ITSL system approach, we can deliver a high quality sound to enhance your store’s environment and atmosphere without the need for large obtrusive speakers.

When choosing an ITSL system there’s no need to review pages of specification or worry how your system will sound after installation. ITSL system designers ensure you will have the right solution for your requirements and budget.

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