Defend your building from the unseen with
Thermal Fever Scanning

thermal camera

The Buyer‘s Guide To Thermal Imaging Solutions

What to expect from a Thermal Imaging System

Measure the temperature of all people in view of the camera

Alert when temperatures are high

Detect & save faces with a temperature record history

Record Video

Email reports

Audible alerts to act upon

Accurate measurements – below 0.5 degrees

Continuously calibrated

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Thermal-Temperature Screening negative
Thermal CameraThermal Camera
Thermal Camera

* Thermal cameras are a key piece of equipment to scan people as they pass by but it is important to understand that they are not a medical device and cannot be relied on a such. Thermography cameras cannot determine the core temperature of an individual. ITSL recommend that any person with positive fever detection is passed for a secondary core temperature measurement with a calibrated medical instrument.

Protect your workforce and visitors 

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Benefits to you

Get back to work safely

Ensure the safety and well-being of your staff

Reduce overall sickness in the workforce

Quick to install

Easy to administer

Advanced facial recognition features

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