Transforming Proco Group’s Video Conferencing Experience

Proco Group is a leading global executive search firm specialising in supply chain and commodities roles. With nearly a decade of consistent growth, they now operate through two distinct branches: Proco Commodities and Proco Global. Their extensive global network encompasses contacts at all career stages and across every aspect of the supply chain, from sourcing commodities to quality control and end product delivery.


Proco Group approached ITSL for assistance in setting up a video room following previous conversations with the team regarding potential projects they required. Their main requirements were addressing the acoustic issues in a meeting room without spending too much on specialist materials, installing a secure and stable video system despite having a flexible wall, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing setup, and providing an easy-to-use solution.


Our team delivered a tailored solution to Proco Group by advising on low-cost options for improving acoustics, such as soft furnishings and plants. To address the issue of the flexible wall, we implemented a floor-to-wall mount solution for a 65-inch LG screen, which eliminated concerns over the wall’s stability. We also mounted a Yealink A30 video bar with wireless microphones and a touch panel next to the screen, creating a tidy appearance.

Project Benefits

Proco Group experienced several key benefits as a result of our solution. The room was designed to be simple to use, with users able to access the system by touching the panel and using wireless microphones. First, the room’s acoustics were significantly enhanced without incurring high expenses by incorporating soft furnishings and plants. Second, the floor-to-wall mount solution provided peace of mind that the video system was secure and the wall would not be damaged. The chosen colour scheme and neat installation made for an inviting and visually appealing space, adding to the overall aesthetic. Finally, the intuitive design allowed users to quickly and easily participate in company-wide meetings. Overall, the project was a success, resulting in a video room that met Proco Group’s requirements and provided a safe, functional, and attractive space for their team.

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