Case Study: ITSL helps SG Digital with office space AV transformation

SG Digital, the online gaming and sports betting division of Scientific Games Corporation, operates globally from major hubs such as London, Stockholm and Singapore among others. Their technology changes the game and takes betting to the next level of entertainment for customers and their players. Developing sports betting and gaming platforms requires comfortable offices and AV equipment that enables team collaboration. SG Digital contacted ITSL as they were going through an entire refurbishment of their Chiswick office space.

ITSL helps SG Digital with office space transformation


Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the office was filled with a large number of staff, meeting rooms and facilities. While the office space was empty for 18 months, the decision was made to create a welcoming environment for staff to return to. A place where they would want to get back into normal working capacity.
Most of SG Digital’s meeting rooms had video conferencing equipment that was difficult to use as the setups were mainly trolley-based with unsightly cabling. This wouldn’t suit the new environment, so we were asked to resolve all AV issues across the space.


Transforming the AV capabilities of this office space did not require supplying a lot of new AV equipment, which is unusual for similar projects. We used most of the existing Cisco equipment to create tidy spaces. Where required, we replaced screens with new ones, and in every single space, we got rid of all visible cables, all freestanding kit and installed all screens on the walls. The existing Cisco cameras were also mounted on the walls, under the screens. All cables were placed under the floating floors and through the walls.

Project Benefits

For ITSL it was one of few projects where existing equipment is reused. This is a sustainable option for AV gear that is not outdated. For SG Digital this option is also cost-effective as the investment in new equipment is minimal. In addition, all AV kit was installed, ready to be used without any setup time needed for SG Digital’s employees. The new AV setup is cozier and nicer to look at, fully matching the overall office space transformation of our customer.

Ophelia Bellio, Senior Facilities Manager at SG Digital, commented: “It was great working with you, I loved the creative way we found solutions and reused kit. It’s also admirable that you managed to fit into the tight timelines of this project, working alongside everyone else.”

How will ITSL work with you?

We at ITSL believe in simple, time-tested and robust working principles. The way we work with clients is simple and straightforward. Our projects are divided into 4 main stages.


This is the initial stage of every AV project. Here our aim is to meet our clients and talk about their needs and the final results they want to achieve.


During this stage, our experts will design the solution for our clients and present it to them in a clear and easy to understand manner.


Once the design is approved ITSL will take care of contacting suppliers and ensure that every piece of hardware is ready for the project at the most cost efficient price.


Installation is when everything starts coming together. Our qualified engineers will work on-site with you to ensure that everything is to spec.


Before the launch of an AV solution, we run extensive QA to ensure that everything works as intended.


After we’ve finalised the AV project and the hardware is ready to go live we will take care of training all of the staff that will operate it.


AV hardware runs best when it’s properly maintained. ITSL will provide scheduled maintenance on both the hardware and the software.


Even after the work has been completed our clients can still rely on ITSL to take care of any problems on the equipment whenever the need arises.

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